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No Sexpo® Please, We’re British

By November 30, 2017Media Release
Help bring Sexpo® back to London - Image: Sexpo Event | Melbourne Convention Centre

No Sexpo® Please, We’re British

Londoners love Sexpo®, but will ExCel venue cause a ‘SEXIT’

London Chamber Of Commerce also unresponsive to sexual advances

Sexpo® – Health, Sexuality, and (adult) Lifestyle Expo is the busiest consumer exhibition on a per square metre basis in the Asia/Pacific region and busiest stand-alone adult show in the world. The Sexpo® brand is trademarked in most countries of the world.

Sexpo® began life in Melbourne, Australia, in 1996 as a forum to allow women and couples to experience all the things that may be of interest to adults, not necessarily all sex related, in a safe and friendly environment. The show quickly grew into a national event visiting all major Australian capital cities annually. While remaining true to the original concept it has grown into an event with world wide appeal.

Sexpo® exhibitions are currently produced in Australia and under license in South Africa, and after this announcement, combined with the forthcoming USA launch, Sexpo® will operate on 4 continents from 2018.

David Ross, Australian founding Event Organiser, said: “We are asking that Londoners sign our petition at Change.org and follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts so we can demonstrate to all venues, and the London Chamber Of Commerce, the level of public support for Sexpo®. Anyone wanting real time updates should join our mailing list at www.Sexpo.co.uk

“Our best attendance for a single show is 68,000 [in Australia), with 35,000 being our average over four days, making us the busiest stand- alone adult show in the world. Perhaps that’s because, according to Ross, Sexpo® events are at once glitzy, glamorous, sexy … and tasteful.

“The first London Sexpo® was staged in November of 2015, but the public transport problems associated with the terrible events in Paris that same week meant that 40% of those who had pre-purchased tickets online not making it to the event. Given that only 30% of tickets are pre- purchased on-line, we estimate that up to 40,000 Londoners would have attended that first event.

“We now hope to return to London in a large venue that can accommodate the sort of numbers we expect.


“We have always sort to use only purpose-built exhibition venues in order to reinforce the mainstream nature of our events, so after approaching the ExCel venue, we were disappointed by the arbitrary dismissal of our approach.

After first contact with James Campion, Head of Exhibition Sales at the London ExCel venue, he now says:

“…Thanks for your recent emails and calls, and apologies for the slow response on my part.

Having spoken with our Board it has been agreed that unfortunately we are not in a position to proceed with your enquiry and whilst I appreciate you are not asking for firm dates, we are not in a position to progress with the profile…”

David Ross responded:

“Thanks for getting back to me James, although I think the arbitrary dismissal of our enquiry is rather disappointing, if not extraordinary. We are an internationally recognised brand and operate in Government owned venues around the world.
We suffered the same discrimination in the early years in Australia, but, as I have pointed out to you previously, all major venues now accept us as a major event, while we regularly attract crowds of 60,000.
I do hope you will reconsider your position and respond so that I might have a chance to explain to you the mainstream nature of our events.

Also, we have sought membership of the London Chamber of Commerce but after seeking a reason for the “we can’t help you” answer to our enquiry, our emails have gone unanswered. Clearly, those at the London Chamber of Commerce have no interest in sex at all.

“In the early years we did have some difficulties with new venues not understanding the mainstream nature of our event, and therefore knocking back our advances. Such was the case when I first approached http://www.mcec.com.au/ in 1996, however the booking was accepted one year later after the MCEC had seen our set-up in a smaller venue; Sexpo® has occupied up to 12,000sqms at the MCEC every year since. Similarly, http://www.iccsydney.com.au/ has previously refused us tenancy, only to reverse its position.

“Sexpo® is a million-pound show, costing that to stage each and every event, and with more than 90 Sexpo® events have been staged around the world since 1996, Sexpo® is big business. The budget means we need to attract many tens of thousands of visitors to cover costs,” he continued, and to do that, we need to be very mainstream. Our marketing and promotions are designed so as to not cause contention; we never court controversy.

“There are various adult type exhibitions around the world, including some previously held in London, but none have used the focus on ‘lifestyle’ to successfully win over the media and public in the way Sexpo® does. This focus ensures our attendance numbers are far better than any competing event with more than 50% of attendees being female.

According to Ross, all adult lifestyles, genders and sexual orientations are represented and welcomed at Sexpo®. As long as their expression of sexuality is legal, no one is judged, no one is ostracized and no group is consigned to the fringes of the event,” he said.

Sexpo® is now attended by more than 250,000 people around the world each year

All business inquiries about Sexpo® should be sent to David Ross at info@Sexpo.com


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