Raw Madison Missina Photos

“Female sexuality is diverse and fierce. It should never be controversial and it’s time to stop filtering and censoring it.”


Raw is a term used in the creative field to mean an image which has not been enhanced; it is unfiltered and untouched. In todays society we are inundated with pornography and by the media’s hyper-sexualised, yet filtered, even censored depictions of female sexuality and anatomy.

A common example includes images used in print material depicting the vulva, often needing to be edited to remove any external labia. In porn films, male ejaculation is commonly expected, yet female ejaculation is usually overplayed.
This kind of censorship leads to unrealistic and unauthentic representation of female sexuality. RAW is Madison Missina’s controversial attempt to contest this type of female portrayl.

According to Missina “When I started filming porn, it was my aim to showcase authentic female pleasure, however the influence of male directors and producers who are predominantly targeting male consumers, meant that authentic female pleasure was lost in lieu of the beautiful fake orgasm.
In magazines my external labia is quite often edited out. This raises enormous concern for me due to my own self-doubt in my teen years, when I would compare myself to the girls in magazines and wonder whether I was deformed.
I now know all too well that I was wrong and want to end the misguided messages being delivered to young girls, women and also men.”

RAW is an educational, unedited insight into female sexuality. Created by females for females, it is stripped of the male influence – all images are RAW!
Missina, both director and subject, aims to showcase female sexual pleasure as RAW as it is.