SEXPO | The Body Beautiful



The abundance of books and television shows dedicated to dispelling body image myths is a testament to our curiosity about our own bodies and the bodies of others. Even so, a certain shyness still exists when it comes to looking at the naked form of the human body, genitals in particular.

SEXPO hopes to address this issue head-on. We believe that all bodies are beautiful and that ‘normal’ is a relative term used to describe what is in fact ‘unique’ when it comes to genitals. We would like the United Kingdom to start embracing this belief too. Too often, pornographic imagery is accepted as the norm instead of being the exception.  As a consequence many men and women believe they don’t measure up physically. This is your chance to make a change!

SEXPO will again host the continually growing Body Beautiful exhibition. Included on this wall are all of the wonderful body parts sent to us from our audience and followers. Far from embarrassing, this will be a liberating experience, proving exactly how diverse and beautiful our bodies really are.